Persons with disabilities are NOT excluded from ....

"the general education system on the basis of disability, and that children with disabilities are not excluded from free and compulsory primary education, or from secondary education, on the basis of disability"

One single word can decide about the inclusion or exclusion of million Europeans !

The Single Market chat is open, post your questions in the comments here below and we will reply to as many as we can.
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    • Sérgio Tavares Is there a role for social enterprises in the Single Market?
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    • European Commission Link to the survey website: Single Market through the lens of people: a snapshot of citizens' and businesses' views and concerns

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    • European Commission Hi Sergio, yesterday the Commission adopted its social business initiative. We need to bring out the role of social entrepreneurs more clearly, and give a human face the way in which the single market works.
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    • هادي إبراهيم We need more answers but now govt wants to know more questions?
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    • Axel Mangelsdorf European Commission: Whats the EC policy to avoid technical barriers to trade for A) inner European trade and B) for external partners?
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    • Emin Abbasov Is there any EU policy or plan to create new market opportunities toward Eastern PArtnership countries such Azerbaijan ?
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    • European Commission Our single market survey showed mixed feelings: many people are positive about consumer choice, jobs; others have more negative perceptions
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    • Damian Molloy Why do you think a Country would want to be Part of the Euro Currency, when it is Clear that you are unable to Properly Administer the current European Financial System?..." Headless Chickens ", springs to mind. :(
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    • Teodora Suciu Regarding free movement of people and market labour, how are the years of tax contribution to social security funds from different EU countries monitored in order to receive retirement indemnization?
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    • European Commission Marja HamiloWe are looking into the issue of copyright levies: tricky issue, we are looking to appoint an EU mediator to look at national practices and see if need EU action
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    • Anderss Son what do people think?
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    • Wasilios Katsioulis Accessibility has a huge economic impact: how will the European Commission ensure, that accessiility will get one of the major economic prioritities for aa single market in regard of the inclusion of persons with disabilities on the one side (social and human rights aspect) and the additional growth (economic effect) on the other side?
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    • LaUrence Alaras is EU really UNITED? or what?? citizens of Italy wants an answer!!
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    • European Commission Hi Axel Mangelsdorf we set standards for inner European trade and works towards mutual recognition of national standards. For external partners, we have an open trade policy aiming at removing those technical standards as far as possible
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    • European Commission Hi Emin Abbasov, Azerbaijan is part of the EU' Eastern partnership aiming for closer economic integration and political cooperation
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    • European Commission Damian Molloy this chat is not about the Euro
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    • European Commission 
      Wasilios Katsioulis I presume you mean accessibility to public services ? This is a key issue of our single market act, as is the financing of such services. We are in a review process. On disabilities: within what we do (department for internal market and services) we have a policy on copyright for visually impaired, to promote access. we signed a memorandum of understanding with publishers, associations. Our colleages in the social affairs department have a wider strategy on disability issues.

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    • European Commission Teodora Suciu we are looking into this issue, next year we will launch a proposal on reviewing the occupational pensions directive. Basically we want to make it easier to work in different countries and make it easier to receive your pension from different pension funds when you retire
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    • Bengt Beier The internal market will need open borders for telecommunications as well. This means lower roaming charges but also lower international calling rates within the EU... Do you know about the campaign at ?
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    • European Commission Bengt Beier We have been working on roaming for a few years now, see and Digital Agenda for Europe
      vor 55 Minuten · 

    • Wasilios Katsioulis 
      Accessibility is based on the needs and obligations of the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities (UN CRPD) and needs to cover public AND private services (eg Insurance, see article 25e UN CRPD) or accessibility of buildings etc. The currently blocked 5th Antidiscrimination directive contains many of these necessary adaptations for people with disabilities (more than 100 million Europeans are affected !). It would be very usefull if the commission will take steps to deblock this crucial directive which will lead directly to organic growth !

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    • Matti Salakari Though Europe is the global market leader in online gambling services, there is no internal market for (online) gambling in the EU. Is the commission going to be able to convince the member states the real issues are cross-border and need EU-level action?
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    • European Commission yes, we work in our department on ensuring access to basic banking services (30 million Europeans have no access, 6-7 millions are denied access), obligations for postal service operators, and other commission departments work on services such as transportation, energy, telecommunications.
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    • European Commission Matti Salakari There are many court cases on this issue, member states have very diverging practices, we are currently looking into whether we should legislate at EU level. There was a green paper recently and a public consultation.
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    • European Commission Matti Salakari see our green paper on the issue:
      vor 46 Minuten · 

    • Wasilios Katsioulis Dear colleagues, equal treatment means that inclusion needs to be valid for ALL services and not restricted only to "basic levels". Best regards
      vor 45 Minuten · 

    • Beatris Spasova 
      What further actions are planned to be taken on behalf of the EU institutions, primarly the Commission, as well as, the Member States , in order to realize in practice the enjoyment of the Four Freedoms, fundamental for the proper functioni...Mehr anzeigen

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    • Bengt Beier Will there also be actions to bring the cost of cross-border calls (that are not roaming) on the same level as domestic calls?
      vor 41 Minuten ·  ·  1 Person

    • European Commission ‎@Beatris the four freedoms (free movement of people, goods, services and capital) are indeed fundamental to the internal market.

      Specific actions are Infringements (tomorrow we launch some on services), More efficient assistance services for citizens and businesses (member states should step up their efforts here). We are also preparing legislation on easier recognition of national diplomas, and many more things.

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    • European Commission hi bengt, why don't you direct your question to the digital agenda page? our colleagues in the department for telecoms are the experts on this one.
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    • Eugen Georg Are cultural differences between countries of the EU leading to dangerous economic policy choices by the member states? And how can labor market discrimination be empirically measured?
      vor 38 Minuten ·  ·  1 Person

    • Bengt Beier Thanks, I might do that :)
      vor 37 Minuten ·  ·  1 Person

    • European Commission Eugen Georg Hi Eugen, could you specify? What would be an example of cultural differences influencing economic policy?
      vor 34 Minuten · 

    • Beatris Spasova 
      Thank you for the prompt answer. I am happy to hear that and of course I am sure that efforts in that direction are consequently being made by EU Commission in close co-operation with the respective Member States insititutions. Also with th...Mehr anzeigen

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    • Eugen Georg 
      As an outsider, it appears that the Germans, Finnish, etc., are prudent with their finances. The Germans let Angela Merkel know of their displeasure with her "bailout everyone" policies by defeating her party in a recent local election, whi...Mehr anzeigen

      vor 31 Minuten · 

    • European Commission Eugen Georg on discrimination and labour: one issue that we follow is salaries for men and women doing the same job. Our colleagues in the employment department also run a page: Social Europe
      vor 31 Minuten · 

    • Eugen Georg thank you will look it up !
      vor 30 Minuten · 

    • European Commission Eugen Georg It is certainly a moment of truth for the EU and the Eurozone given the state of public finances and how financial markets behave. let's watch the European Council that starts today at 6pm. We are certainly looking here into the issue of Credit Rating Agencies, and how they rate sovereign debt. Legislation on that to come in November. Keep an eye on Council of the European Union tonight.
      vor 25 Minuten · 

    • European Commission Time is up! Thank you for all your questions. Remember you can always contact Europe Direct via mail or phone if you have questions about the EU:
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