Persons with disabilities are NOT excluded from ....

"the general education system on the basis of disability, and that children with disabilities are not excluded from free and compulsory primary education, or from secondary education, on the basis of disability"

"Brasil - pais abencoado por deus" - the great social and economic sucess of Brasil is based on diversity !

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    • Rodrigo Peñaloza a great friend of mine once told me: "to tolerate the differences is not enough, we've got go to the next step and start to LIKE the differences". this will take us from mere respect to a deepest sense of love for humankind.
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    • Wasilios Katsioulis Good morning Rodrigo Peñaloza: my impression is - i was many times in Brasil - that people LIKE each other not only tolerate each other, is my impression right? E.g. one says to his next "negao" but in a really human way (without the essence of discrimination) like "natural" (as it IS!!), same with disabled people ("voce e special" ;-)) In Europe they take the differences so serious that people start to build mental barriers with the result, that they build "administrational" barriers ;-( What do you think? Do we need more humor? ;-)
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    • Rodrigo Peñaloza well, in some sense you're right. i met a guy from colombia this weekend who lived for 7 years in copacabana, rio, when he was studying plastic surgery. he told me he was impressed by how naturally people there behaved to one another. he was specific enough to say that, at the very same street he lived, there were many senior citizens, there was a luxurious restaurant at whose doors many luxurious cars stopped to drop out rich people, and, right by its side, a "boteco" (a low-income bar), where the doorkeepers of the buildings nearby stopped by to drink cachaça. there was an elementary school, a gay bar and prostitutes working at night in front of a protestant church. in front of it a catholic church. within just a small portion of a street in copacabana, he saw a huge diversity of people and everybody talked with other as if they were talking to some member of the family. he never saw a person leaving the church with a bible in his hand accusing the prostitutes of being siiners or things like that. it happens sometimes, but it is not the general mood of the people. i live in brasilia, it is not like rio, but the overall characteristic of the brazilian social behavior is pretty much like this. i can't deny, though, that there is discrimination, but it is not like everywhere else in the world. "negão" is an affectionate way to call someone. my grandma used to call me "meu neguinho", even though the color of my skin is of the mediterranean type. we even call "negão" our black friends, it is a lovely way to call our friends. my father is white with blue eyes, his mother (my grandma) white with green eyes and his father (my grandpa) was dark with blue eyes. the grandfather of my grandpa was the son of a black slave, who descended (about 2 generations behind) from blacks, indians and a dutch immigrant (the blue eyes came from him). of course the indian and black women in the middle of the way between him and my grandpa were mixed too, they were mulatas (black and white). my mother is chilean. my brother in law is from cape verde, so my nephews are mulatos. i have a son who was born in the united sates and is a little dark. the other son is a little blond. my wife descends from italians and black people. her father, of italian origin, was mulato. her mother is of portuguese origin. the sister of my wife was married to a black man, they had a mulato son and a white daughter with green eyes. as you see, i am a typical brazilian. the discrimination consists basically of a kind of civil unconscience. for example, the streets are not disabled-people-friendly. it isn hard for them to move around freely. cars stop over the sidewalk, so people can't pass thru, specially in rio, not in brasilia. i teach at the university of brasilia and hava had few black students. but it seems to me that, after the inclusion policies of the last decade, the less favoured classes of the society have gained access to high education. on the streets of big cities, the majority of destitute people we see is made of black people, i mean, almost all are mulatos. i feel very comfortable with everyone in brazil. to me the color of the skin means absolutely nothing. unfortunately there are neonazis too, principally among unemployed young people from the south. but i find it strange, because when i see on tv these young men being arrested, i see that their last name are all like oliveira, pereira, macieira, all these are the last names that jews adopted in the 16th century to escape persecution from the spanish and portuguese crowns, that is, the descend from jews. therefore, my interpretation is that these young men are just imature boys with little perspective to grow in society. i am spiritist (kardecist), i had an uncle who was umbandist, an afro-brazilian religion, he was "pai-de-santo" (i guess you know what it is) and he was white with green eyes. my mother in law was umbandist, but now she is protestant. i don't know europe, but i lived in the united sates for almost 5 years, when i was doing my phd. i was there when 9/11 happend and saw how repressed xenophobia arose quickly after that day. the worls is so small. when we think of the history of humanity with tens of thousands of years and compare this with the last 3000 years, our current history is nothing. we have to put it on the right perspective. our culture will definitely change in the future (i hope for the better), and all this prejudice and difficulties we create for people we consider different from us will just look morally infantile. we will lament the wasted time not liking each other. i think you are doing a great job, wasilios. you can count on me if you need.
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    • Wasilios Katsioulis thank you so much Rodrigo, thats exactly what I felt in Brasil and I believe the reason why Brasil is a sucess model in the social AND economic way !!!! I will put it on my blog if its ok? ;-)
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    • Rodrigo Peñaloza it's ok! (i see i made some typos, but people will understand) :) see you later!
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    • Wasilios Katsioulis thank you, enjoy your day!! Grande Abraco querido!
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Summary: With discrimination and exclusive thinking countries can not advance! Brasil is a role model for inclusion!

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