Persons with disabilities are NOT excluded from ....

"the general education system on the basis of disability, and that children with disabilities are not excluded from free and compulsory primary education, or from secondary education, on the basis of disability"

[GUDEE] European Schools : Open letter to Members of the European Parliament

From: KATSIOULIS Wasilios
Sent: Thursday, June 16, 2011 9:12:20 PM
To: JP Soyer 

Dear Mr Soyer,
thanks a lot for your letter in regard of the European School.
As I told you just now on the phone I introduced the attached petition in regard of the inaccessibility at the European Schools for children with learning disabilities as the European Schools refuse to use the necessary adaptation personal assistance with ABA knowledge. For this reasons more than 10 cases were excluded by the schools on the ground of their disability as the schools is not prepared to deal with the behaviour of these children!
I kindly as you to put me in cc: as I stay in regular contact with the petition committee. You will find more information on this issue on my website I established for the given reasons and for a better understanding of the discrimination linked to illegal school exclusions (see article 24 UN CrPD).
I recommend you to have a look to the TV report after minute 9:00
Mr Soyer, on cc: you will find also the members of the Disability Support Group.
I agree in full with you that the European Schools is a fundamental need for the European Institutions, and the best proof for this statement is the discrimination which arisis after exclusions from the European Schools in case of learning disability.
Best regards

-----Original Message-----
From: JP Soyer
Sent: Thu 6/16/2011 8:36 PM
Subject: [GUDEE] European Schools : Open letter to Members of the European Parliament
Please find attached an open letter to MEP (members of commissions CULT and
BUDG) regarding the European Schools, in particular relating to the budget
Yours sincerely,
Jean-Paul Soyer
Secrétaire général
Groupe Unitaire pour le Développement des Ecoles Européennes

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