Persons with disabilities are NOT excluded from ....

"the general education system on the basis of disability, and that children with disabilities are not excluded from free and compulsory primary education, or from secondary education, on the basis of disability"

Letter to the European Schools after PETI Committee

The Petition Committee expressed on its meeting on April 26th, 2010 clearly :
a) the European Schools needs to "rethink" its role within the System of the European Institutions (schooling for children of EU officials)
b) this need to happen for children without and with disabilities independent from grade and kind of the disability
c) the European Schools need to comply with article 24 UN CRPD: this means no further exclusions
d) the European Schools need to adapt the school in a way, that also children with severe mental disabilities will be able to participate (Inclusion)
e) any kind of financial discrimination need to be avoided (I still wait for the reimboursement of around 16.000 Euro by the European Commission which you still refuse, what is clearly discriminating me and my family).
These opinions were clearly also expressed in different other occassions by the European Parliament, e.g. the EP BUDG: because of the accessibility lack at the European Schools BUDG blocked 8 Million Euros for the office of ES-Secretary Generals office last year !
Please be aware, that the rules which were attached to your previous email need to be adapted analogue to the needs of article 24 UN CRPD, otherwise they violate the convention: Under article 24 UN CRPD the schools is not allowed anymore to "declare themselves incompetent", it is exclusively the decision of the parents of the child with a disability to decide the option of schooling. This will increase the quality of schooling in regular schools and in special schools as it will increase the compitiveness.
Be ensured that the European Disability Movement and the petitioner will follow this goal till any kind of discrimination from the European Schools - as it happens nowadays - will be avoided !

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