Persons with disabilities are NOT excluded from ....

"the general education system on the basis of disability, and that children with disabilities are not excluded from free and compulsory primary education, or from secondary education, on the basis of disability"

Letter to the European School

Dear (European School),
i want to thank you for your efforts in regard of my petition and the changes you made in regard of your SEN Policy in December 2009 because of Parliaments decision dated Dec 17th, 2009 to provide access to ALL children with disabilities (= inclusive education analogue to Article 24 UN CRPD)
Please allow me to aware that also with these new measured the board of governors took in december 2009 the European school remains exclusive for children with severe disabilities, like my son Lucas. Why?
The reason for this fact is not only the lack in necessary disability adaptations (like ABA)
but also the lack in different learning models and structures within the European School, as they are necessary to empower children with severe disabilities - like autism - to follow schooling and to include them socially into the European Schools ("Inclusion of disabled people into the society") and to avoid discriminations as they were adressed in my petition.
Please allow me to express a short formular, what inclusion of children with disabilities means:
"Inclusive education can not mean exclusively Inclusive Education within "mainstream schooling". Such an inclusion would be EXclusive and not INClusive. We need more schools with individual aproaches, its not only a question to provide disability adaptations like assistants or ABA it is also a question of the right learning material and program !"
This proposal will be discussed in different inclusion conferences wich follow in short-term.
As you may now, my family gots seperated since january 2010 because the European School were unable to provide the right and necessary measures for my son Lucas because of his disability: my wife and Lucas stay currently in a city near the german border; where he gets the schooling he needs (as it is was not provided in the ES: "ABA lack") and my daughter and me remain in Brussels where she currently follows the European School with good sucess!
As you for sure understand we all have a high interest to see our family in short term together again. This will be only possible if you will provide access to my son in the European School.
In his case you need to take these measures:
  • ABA (applied behaviour analysis)
  • Assistant who is trained in ABA and
  • learning different model and program for him analogue to his needs (the school he is currently in will explain you :-)
Please also allow me also to remind you to reimbourse my expenses I had up to the schooling within the new school:
It is not reasonable (and therefore discriminatory) to let parents with disabled children wait for months to get this reimboursement which are caused by European Schools incompetence to deal with disabilities.
My uncovered material cost are Euro XX
Please be aware that this causes additional stress to these families. As you may know many families, whos´children were excluded by the European School got seriously ill (i received different reports)
It is in our all interest to change this: please start asap and try to be a role model for Europe !
Best regards
Wasilios Katsioulis

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