Persons with disabilities are NOT excluded from ....

"the general education system on the basis of disability, and that children with disabilities are not excluded from free and compulsory primary education, or from secondary education, on the basis of disability"

Schreiben an Kommissar Kallas, Kommissar Spidla und Kommissar Figel

Dear Mr Kallas,
Dear Mr Spidla,
Dear Mr Figel,
i have the honor to adress to you and your colleagues my petition wich is cosignated by currently 505 persons. The title of the petion is
"Discrimination of learning-disabled and autistic students by withholding disability needed adaptations by the European Schools and following discrimination against members of the European Parliament, civil servants and servants of the European institutions with learning disabled and autistic children through the decion of the European Schools to exclude these children ("
The petition adresses at the example of son Lucas (not David as you wrote by mistake at your last letter) the following subjects:
- withholding of disability needed adaptations by the European Schools,
- missing system of "learning different education" as a needed adaptation for learning disabled children,
- impact of exclusions of disabled children to parents work (wich need to be seen as clear discrimination of MEPs and officials with disabled children and should be therefore als part of commissionar Spidlas portfolio)
- missing legal remedies after (wrong) decisions of the complaint board
- violation of article 24 of the UN convention on the rights of disabled people by exclusions of the European Schools
- violation of article 13 EG V. by exclusions of the European Schools
- violation of article 26 Fundamental Rights Charter of the European Schools by exclusions of the European Schools
- violation of childrens right of education after exclusions because of missing alternatives in childrens-language at the workplace of the parents, as a fundamental human right
- violation of equal opportunities policy at the European Institutions in case of disabled family members
The reason behind of these violations are, that the European School Brussels II havent followed in case of my son Lucas the expertise of the university of Aachen and the Experts of autistic disorders to implement the ABA method (applied behaviour analysis) into the inclusion process of my autistic son at the European School.
This adaptation helps many children with autism and other learning disabilities in other memberstates to be integrated into the regular school system.
Therefore the staff in Brussels II have not handle the case professional enough, because they havent done the best to get the inclusion running because they withhold disability needed adaptations and exclude my son only 4 days before the ABA Expert arrived in Brussels to consult the school in regard of this adaptation.
On the other side it was not possible to correct the decision of the complaining board of the school because of missing legal remedies.
Except of nice words the commission also misses the opportunity (correct: obligation) to provide any aid after the exclusion (nore logistical neither financially)
Let me finally express my opinion that it is a real shame for an institution like the European Commission to be unable to resolve the issue of exclusions because of a disablity which are known since the European School were established in 1957. Everybody asks me how the commision will take higher responsibilities in the future for Europe if she isnt able to resolve the issue of a sigle (autistic) child?
Please answer in detail to the diffent subjects of the petition as I can not see in your last letter that the commission intends to change this discriminatory situation. My son stays since May without any school at home - and we are not a single case -.
Yours sincerely,

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